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Blonde Toning Treatment Concentrate Gel

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Abigail Ives

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Blonde toning gel was invented during COVID lockdown. I wanted to make a product that was versatile and at the same time compatible with the brand shampoos that were on the market. I wanted to start a new innovation that moved away from applying product to your hair and having to stand in the shower for a while till it started working. To do this I needed to make a solution that is mild and can be used daily if need be. Natural came to mind and vegan too. That is exactly what I did. Moving away from my purple shampoo that I was supplying to Vivo Salons New Zealand and I made an all natural purple concentrate that compliments your trusted favorite shampoo. Let’s face it, one purple shampoo does not fit all hair types, but a gel that mixes with your known shampoo does away with guess work through trial and error.

Does your purple shampoo leave you with a purple haze? Or purple hair if you leave it in too long? Well our product will not do that. Take the test of time today. Buy our product and put it on the tip of your blonde hair. Leave it there for the same time acid violet 24 purple shampoos would take to turn your hair purple. Then wash our product out and you will see the confidence we have in no more purple hair!

There are natural purple shampoos on the market. But our gel contains more than one plant based ingredient. That is why it is so effective. The right colour on the spectrum works to balance your hair colour and remove the unwanted tones that make your hair yellow, red and in some cases brassy. This product is an after salon product for the maintenance and personal hair toning. 

You might ask if this product “is just for blonde hair”. No. It compliments grey hair well and it produces a lovely sparkle in the sun. No more dull grays, more life and contrast. Another fact is that our product contains natural components that treat hair and the scalp. Customers say that they do not have to wash their hair as often when using the gel. The gel is designed for blonde hair but it can be used by anyone that wants to benefit from the properties that we have included in the active ingredients. Brunets use blue shampoos. Our product will act as a blue shampoo, as we have included blue into the formula to create purple. In essence it is an all round healthy treatment with multi functions. A first in the hair care market and a patented New Zealand invention. Manufactured in New Zealand by New Zealanders for the global personal beauty industry.  

Disclaimer - We do not profess to improve or guarantee improvements in health. We are not a naturopath organization. We are however conscious of the need to cut back on pollution in waste water and make every attempt to do so. Future products may contain non natural chemicals. 

Blonde Toning Treatment Concentrate Gel

Like your trusted shampoo brand? Don't want to change for another brand? 

Now you don't have to! That's right, Abigail Ives has developed a concentrate gel toning additive for this very purpose. Simply take a bit of your shampoo in the cup of your hand and add the gel to your shampoo. Mix and then wash your hair. As simple as that!

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • 100% vegan product -great for the environment and for you. 
  • No toxic chemicals,
  • No more purple hair! 

That's right, so pure you only get what nature intended to tone blonde hair by removing unwanted yellow and brassy tones. 

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